Evy Jacobs

Super adorable stationary napkins, cards, clipboards and more! Shore Solutions just received a shipment of Evy Jacobs! Customize anything you want! Evy Jacobs has a variety of customized cute everyday necessities. From funky party invitations to small personal journals, Evy Jacobs has it all! And now so does Shore Solutions! We can customize your preferable items to make them unique and irreplaceable. Evy Jacob products are great for any occasion…even household items (plates, trays, coasters, mugs, etc.). They are great house warming gifts as well.

Evy Jacob products come in several different designs to make each item different in their own way. Use the customized cards for holiday letters or baby shower invitations. Your guest will be amazed and fall in love with Evy Jacobs as did we! Come in to our new gift boutique in Beach Haven LBI and hand pick your customized Evy Jacob stationaries.

Maddyloo Hair Ties

Shore Solutions is ecstatic about the arrival of Maddyloo hair bands! As seen on the Today Show, Maddyloo hair ties that also double as bracelets are cute and fun accessories for this summer! Created by a clever 9 year old girl, the hair ties are gentle enough to hold back your hair (without giving you that awful dent). They are the only crease-less hair tie that won’t break or hurt your hair. Summer hair can be a pain in the butt to tie back, between the humidity and the salty ocean we all know how aggravating long locks can be. Maddyloo hair bands can hold the thickest hair back without leaving that dreadful crease!

Maddyloo hair ties have spiraled upward generating 60 stores in the last 3 months. Shore Solutions is one of the 200 retail stores that carry the trendy hair ties. From classic neutral colors to bright funky neon’s, Shore Solutions carries a variety of Maddyloo’s stylish hair ties. Come check out the famous hair bands at our new gift boutique in LBI Beach Haven!


Magnificent Baby

Magnificent Baby magnetic onesies have finally arrived! We are obsessing over the convenient (and adorable) snap closure onesies. We all know dressing your anxious little one can be a pain, with the magnetic snap closure it makes the stressful task fast and carefree. Of course we aren’t the only ones who are in love with the easy functional onesies, bloggers have been raving about the cute and trendy baby apparel. It’ll be hard going back to zippers, buttons, and over the head onesies after using the magnetic closure.

Magnificent baby products are quick and easy, just snap and get on with your day. The magnetic closure is functional, safe, and beyond convenient! We are super excited about all the different styles that we received in our LBI Beach Haven store. Come check out the famous onesies that have been raved about for months!

B. Witching Bath

With 40 years of business B. Witching Bath Co. has become an old school favorite. Shore Solution is obsessed with the well-known product including the lush new fragrances that we are now carrying. Several celebrities are falling in love with these skin nourishing body lotions and bubble baths. Jane Lynch, Teresa Giudice, and Kendra Wilkinson are only a few celebrities gushing over B. Witching bath products.

Our favorite part about the famous lotions? B. Witching products are never tested on animals and they encourage the recycling of the product packaging. They are an eco-friendly company which means they deserve an A+ in our book! Since 1969, B. Witching Bath Company has made sure to keep Mother Nature happy and not use unnecessary packaging. They were “green” before it was fashionable!

After a long beach day spent in the Jersey Shore sun, relax into a bath full of luscious lavender scented bubbles that will melt away your troubles. The lotions and bubble baths are formulated for sensitive skin with essential oils & therapeutic botanicals, leaving your skin smooth and refreshed. Come visit our new store in Beach Haven LBI for B. Witching Bath Products and other fun gifts!

Sangria Mix & Sand Cookies

In desperate need of cute and fun summer gifts? Come visit our new gift boutique in Beach Haven LBI! We just received easy to make sand cookie mix for the youngsters and delicious sangria mix for the adults. A unique gift or a fun afternoon activity!

The sangria mix is a great gift for any occasion. You can use it in gift baskets or as party favors for showers, weddings, barbeques, etc. Shore Solutions also has ice tea mixers, mojito, margarita, and pina colada mix that are just as easy and enjoyable. Any of our drink mixers are perfect for a relaxing day on the Jersey Shore with friends.

Everything you need to make your own delicious sugar sand cookies in an adorable beach pail. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 just add water and bake to perfection for an indulging mouthwatering snack! The mix also includes a cookie cutter in the shape of sea creatures. The sand cookies are a yummy and creative gift for a special event!

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