Travel Planning

With record high weather in the month of January it is clear that summer is just around the corner.  Although Long Beach Island may be vacant now, in just a few short months the beaches will be filled with families enjoying their summer vacations.

Shore Solutions would like to encourage you to sit back and enjoy some helpful vacation planning tips as you begin to plan your 2012 getaway:

*It is crucial to remember to be organized - -  carefully plan and brainstorm ideas to meet the expectations for all members traveling. Planning ahead eliminates stress and ensures your desired travel dates are secure.

*Message boards and blogs have become extremely popular for travel and activity guides – take advantage of this and read experiences of other travelers while planning your trip.

*Consider using a travel agent, realtor or concierges service. This will allow you to have an extra hand in the planning stage, they will make sure you haven’t forgotten any details and he lp your plans set right down to an itinerary.

* Start a countdown – this is a fun way to get your family involved and excited for your trip. It is also never too early to make a travel checklist, check out our Travel Checklist for a list of crucial items to pack.

*Most important –don’t stress!! You want you travel planning to be stress free and a reminder of how relaxing and exciting this year’s vacation will be!

Scout by Bungalow


Bungalow was founded in 2004, the bungalow lifestyle is about being unpredictable – it’s about finding a comfortable way of living that is not too serious, but makes you feel good about being there. 

Scout bags are fashionable, fun and affordable. Scout has grown from one tote - The Deano Tote Bag to a full collection of products that are useful in any lifestyle. 

Scout invites you to Scout into your life – whether its toting or storing your stuff – it becomes a better place.  They invite you to celebrate your stuff, find patterns and products that fit the way you live. Enjoy colorfuldurable bags that are full of style.

It makes sense….

Stress Free Holiday Travel

First, avoid peak travel days. When planning your trip be sure to arrange travel dates at least two days before and after holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.

Traveling with little ones can be a stressful be sure to secure a non-stop flight or the flight involving the fewest connections or stops. This will prevent you from the possibility of flight delays or air traffic problems.

It is best to aim for morning flights, which tend to be delayed less often then evening flights. If you do experience delays it will be much easier to entertain a traveling family while the airport is in full operating hours.

Most flights during the holidays are overbooked, it is critical to check in early. Domestic travelers should arrive two hours prior to departure, while international travelers should arrive at least three hours in advance. Although this may seem like a long hall, spending a few hours in the airport is much more fun then missing your flight by ten minutes.

If you have not shipped your gifts and packages to your destination ahead of time, do not gift wrap them before your flight.

Most important, keep a positive attitude - but also be prepared for setbacks. Airline delays may happen, be sure to bring extra water bottles, snacks, toys, books,blanket, portable DVD, extra diapers, a change of clothes.

Another great tip is to bring a new surprise, a toy,rattle etc. that you child has not seen before. This will come in handy mid-trip/mid-meltdown – something new and exciting will keep them entertained or distracted longer. Planning ahead will ensure a stress free holiday travel. Visit our Travel Checklist page for more traveling tips.

Keeping Your Child Safe - CPSC Crib Regulations

As of June 28, 2011, no crib may be sold in the US if it does not meet the regulations and standards of the CPSC [Consumer Product Safety Commission] 16 CFR 1220, for non-full size cribs and CPSC - 16 CFR 12196 for full size cribs.

We would like you to inform you that Shore Solution’s Cribs meet these new regulations. We no longer offer drop down baby crib rentals.

We have recently purchased new cribs to ensure the safety and quality for our clients and their children. Our baby cribs are also compliant with the ASTM #2710, Commercial Crib Standards.

Along with following federal regulations, Shore Solutions uses a weekly recall list for all of the products we offer. For further information please contact us at or 609.661.8929.

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